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Laser tatoo & Hair Removal Pen

Laser tatoo & Hair Removal Pen

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Laser tatoo & Hair Removal Pen




Pictures show of Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Pen

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Features of Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Pen

Product name Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Pen
Material ABS, Electronic Component
Voltage 110-220V
LED Light Color Blue, Red
Energy Intensity  4 Gears





1) More effective to clean pigments
compared with traditional laser cure,the picosecond will focus more than 20 times energy.can shatter the pigment to bitty powder and be easy to metabolism.
2) Faster speed to clean pigments
compared with traditional laser it can reach a expected effect in a very short time.meanwhile the picosecond is no harmful to skin tissue and no nursing period.
3) No re-black risk:
under the fast and strong assault of the picosecond it causes overwhelming damage to melanin and that will avoid the possibility to re-turn.
4) Clean the pigments meanwhile activate skin repair mechanism.
At the same time when picosecond laser shatter the melanin, the shock wave will come into the deep skin and activate skin repair mechanism. Promoting collagen metabolism.
Red light picosecond:
After the normal display of the digital tube, press the frequency button, the current selection has three[!-]
frequency modes, 1.2.3 light mode, through the energy increase button to adjust the size, press the switch[!-]after the setting, the machine will run out of light and operate out after that, the machine can be turned off

Blue light picosecond:
After the power of the digital tube, the frequency button will be pressed, and the blue ray will have nine[!-]
frequency modes 1 to 9 out of the light mode, press the energy increment button to adjust the energy size, finish[!-]the setting and output the laser, and operate the closing machine, the blue light emits a laser every time

Packing of Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Pen

We assure that you will get your package intact.

Package including:Picosecond Laser Hair Removal Pen


Package Include
1 x Picosecond Laser Pen
1 x Protective Eyeglass
1 x Power Adapter
2 x Repairment Patches
1 x English User manual 


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