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Smart Bedside Laptop Table Fiberglass Bureau

Smart Bedside Laptop Table Fiberglass Bureau

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Smart Cooling Table Fiberglass Bureau Wireless Charging LED Lights

The Semra Smart Bedside Table is a next generation night stand that multi-tasks to support your connected lifestyle. With a wireless charging pad, thermoelectric cooling drawer, and Blutooth music playback, the Semra Smart Side Table is furniture designed to help you live better.
The Smart Side Table comes with LED-powered front and back lights — the front light is motion sensitive, and
the back light illuminates with a full range of colors, controlled through the Semra App. The cooling drawer ensures that a
refreshing beverage is never out of reach, and a variety of charging ports allow you to charge phones, laptops, and other mobile devices simultaneously. The built-in Blutooth audio music player seamlessly connect to your devices for quality sound that is completely integrated with the table. This is the ultimate smart side table for a restful night’s sleep.
* The Semra Smart Bedside Table is a connected nightstand that ensures that everything you need for a restful night's sleep is within arm’s reach!
* Cooling Fridge Drawer for cooling beverages, cosmetics and snacks.
* Wireless charging for up to two phones at once.
* Blutooth audio music players provide rich sound, controlled from your mobile device.
* At bottom Front-facing LED sense inductive lighting is controlled by a motion sensor for smart lighting at night.
* USB, USB-C, and 90V-260V voltage range Power Outlets.
* LED accent light is app enabled, with RGB LEDs for a full range of colors.
* Intelligent sleep mode with alarm, controlled by app.
* Cable management controls clutter at back.

Product Name
Bedside Table  
Model No.
Semra Serenade S1
Built-in Fridge
Widely used for Drinks, Beverage, Comestics, Makeup, Beer, Wine, Snack, Food...etc.
Wireless Charging Desktop Ports
Cooling Temperature 
Adjustable from 33.8℉ to 53.6℉ (1℃ to 12℃)
Modes of packing
Honeycomb box,covered with foam paper
Product Size
600*500*540 mm 
Packaging size
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