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M2B APP Security System 433MHz GSM System

M2B APP Security System 433MHz GSM System

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Special Features

M2B APP Keyboard Screen Intercom Wired & Wireless Home Security Alarm 433MHz GSM System


APP KEYBOARD Screen Intercom Wired & Wireless Home Burglar Security Alarm 433MHz Wireless GSM Alarm System


We can provide you many options
'1': English Manual + English Voice Prompt (As default)
'2': Russian Manual + Russian Voice Prompt
'3': Spanish PDF Manual + Spanish Voice Prompt
'4': French PDF Manual + French Voice Prompt
'5': Italian PDF Manual + Italian
1. Support 8 remote controller + 99 wireless detector + 7 wired detector + Wireless Siren.
You can choose door window contact detector, motion detector, animal immune detector, smoke detector, gas leakage detector, water leakage detector, vibration detector, glass broken detector, and so on...
Support GSM SIM Card, Please remember to remove PIN Code of SIM Card when you insert the SIM card.
Works like a phone, you can dial a phone call directly with the system keyboard.
Accurate Alarm When detector is triggered.
When the detector be triggered, detector will send signal to the system panel. The alarm system host will sound alarm and send SMS/call to you preset phone number. You will receive the notification at the first time.
APP operation will makes your system more convenient , support android and IOS APP.
3 set scheduled arm and disarm time setting
It is too much trouble to arm / disarm your system everyday, there are 3 sets scheduled arm / disarm function, set on demand, automatic anti-theif.
You can control the system in many ways.
A: Use the keyboard directly, you can set a password to protect your keyboard.
B: Use the wireless remote controller, even if you are outside of your house, also you can control your alarm system.
C: Use your phone call, after insert a SIM card to the alarm system, you can control your alarm system by your phone call. even if you are in your car or at your office, even if you travaling outside.
D: Download a phone APP,and install it, then you can operate your alarm system by your phone APP, it is very convenient for you.

The function of Wifi GSM alarm system M2B ?
* 7 Wired and 99 wireless defense zones;
* LCD screen with time clock display;
* Voice prompt for all operations
* 3 groups of timely arm and disarm;
* Can store 6 phone numbers:when alarming, System will make alarm call to these numbers automatically;
* Can store 3 SMS numbers:when alarming,System will send alarming SMS automatically;
* 10- second automatic message recording
* Built-in artificial intelligent digital voice announcer;
* Built-in artificial intelligent English message;
* Users can make calls by using keypad on alarm panel,just like a telephone;
* One-Key-control function:Out Arm,Home Arm,Remote Arm;
* Arm/ disarm by SMS or call remotely
* SOS,fire,gas,door,hall,window,balcony,and boundary places alarm;
* Real-time,delay ,24 hour,bypass defense zones programming function
* Wireless coding:easy to add additional wireless accessories
* Remote control Arm,Disarm,Monitor,and intercom by phone;
* SMS alert for power failure or recovery
* Built-in AAA NI-HI rechargeable battery:make alarm when power off
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