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HCNT Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

HCNT Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp

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Lamp Power(W)
HCNT Magnetic Levitation Moon Lamp Floating Moon Lamp
Product name
Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp Floating Luna
Item Type
Moon with Levitation and Wireless Induction Technology
Base Colour
Light wood or dark wood
Base size
Moon Size
Diameter 14cm
Levitation distance
Guarantee period
1 year
Living Room, Bedroom, Home, Office, Hotel, Gift,Toys








HCNT Levitation technology Principle
Why it can float ?
Magnetic levitation system is widely used in the areas such as high-speed motion and precision engineering industry. In reality, a stable levitation with a 80mm air gap in maximum has been achieved, and the floating ferromagnetic object can carry a 2kgs load in maximum also has been achieved. We have already applied these in commerce, and the technology is also helpful to develop new kinds of levitation system for industries. This magnetic levitation technology is a control method using a ring magnet for the stable levitation of a cylindrical ferromagnetic object. The levitation has a strong stability with anti-disturbance abilities, and weight can be placed on the floating magnet. The magnetic field created by the ring magnet provides stabilities in 3 degrees of freedom of the floating magnet, and a feedback control in the horizontal plane is introduced to the control system. The stable magnetic levitation refers that the floating object is static or is with a controllable rotation motion along one axis. The antigravity force for the stable levitation is provided by the base under the floating object. According to analytical calculation and experiments, the magnetic fields created by axially magnetized permanent-magnet rings have special properties. Along the symmetric axis, the direction of the magnetic field varies at two particular points. This interesting property provides stabilities of the suspending magnet.





The setup of the levitation device is shown in the drawing. An axially magnetized permanent-magnet ring whose north pole is on its upper surface is placed on the base of the setup. Three hall sensors are used for detecting the instantaneous coordinates of the floating magnet at three axes. The horizontal position of the floating magnet is controlled by two groups of coils. The north pole of the floating magnet is also on the upper surface, which is inconsistent with the common sense that unlike poles attract each other, not repelling each other to provide antigravity force for the floating magnet, which is the key point for this technology.






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