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Automatic 3D Digital Edible Ink Printer For Cake Toppers

Automatic 3D Digital Edible Ink Printer For Cake Toppers

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Automatic 3D Digital Edible Ink Printer For Cake Toppers


* The printer is suitable for a wide range of food, it can be print directly on the cakes, cookies, bread, chocolates, candies,
rice paper etc.
* Smart operation, no need for on-site learning, everyone can learn how to operate within a few hours.
* Y-direction Mobile Print Head Carriage design is to ensure the print tray stability during printing process. The print result
is much more satisfactory on the steady print tray.
* The printer has great print speed and high print resolution.
* Electric lift platform ensures smooth and precise positioning.


1、Printing made easy 
2、Fast printing & high precision
3、6 color Y/K/LM/LC/M/C
4、Continuous ink supply
5、Automatically work platform lifting
6、Edible ink is safe and brightly colored
7、Head mobile design prevents food from shaking & blurring the printing
The food printer SY-P-A4B is upgrade model based on coffee printer, it is not only can print on coffee with different images one time, but also it can print a full image on birthday cake, it can meet more requirements for bakery shop personalized designs.


1、A4 flatbed printer 1
2、Setup Cdrome( Setup software and Ink Resetsoftware)
3、Power cable 1.8m
4、Operation manual
5、Build-in continuous ink supply system(CISS) with chip (guaranteed for 1 year)
6、USB cable
7、Syringes and needles for ink refill
8、2 extra sensors for replacement
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