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Digital Wall Printing Machine 3D Wall Mural

Digital Wall Printing Machine 3D Wall Mural

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3D Glass Background Wall Printer For Wall Mural


(Model: PE-S70) Perfect Laser's new intelligent 3d wall printer machine PE-S70 adopts a newly developed integrated control board, full wireless control system, touching screen, internal electronic library storage. You can put in files by inserting U disk directly without extra computer. The 3d wall printer machine is easy to install and operation.

The 3d wall printer machine uses the United States imported sensors, automatically sensing the distance between the wall; and equipped with Japan's imports of piezoelectric nozzle, it is more accurate and faster. This 3d wall printer machine is also equipped with a high-precision brushless servo motor control system, eliminating post-maintenance. The inkjet printer on wall is deeply loved by customers.

Main Features

1. The main body of the inkjet printer on wall is assembled by specially formulated aluminum-magnesium alloys, which has higher strength and higher structural accuracy. Highly integrated and lightweight chassis, light weight and durable, easy to be carried.

2. The whole body is manufactured by advanced CNC equipment with professional mold parts manufacturing process, ensure the better consistency and higher stability of the whole 3d wall printer machine and accessories.

3. The 3d wall printer machine adopts high precision brushless control system of servo motor, the vector orientation, no bar grating, no carbon brush motor are in order to achieve the 3d wall printer machine higher accuracy and faster speed of coloured drawing and free maintenance.

4. Adopt VSDT variable ink droplet technology, matching Perfect Laser new program algorithm, the smallest ink drop of the inkjet printer on wall is about 3.5PL, and the largest is 27PL, and the inkjet printer on wall is suitable for indoor painting and outdoor painting, bright colors, perfect painted quality.

5. Automatically restart from break points after interruption, automatically remember break points, automatic cover the starting position. The inkjet printer on wall can automatically continue to print from the break points. You can finish alarge workpiece during several days.

6. The inkjet printer on wall is equipped with built in UPS power supply, automatic charging, automatic switching tousing the buit inpower supply when the voltage is unstable or power failure, and the inkjet printer on wall can hold 10 hours (if battery is full charged) without extra outside power supply.

7. Advanced AC servo control technology to ensure more high-precision printing, better stability and longer service life of the 3d wall printer machine.

8.Integrated head design, separable structure, effectively avoid the damage of the inkjet printer on wall caused by bumping in the carriage; full-enclosed nozzle mounting plate, so as to extend the actual life of the nozzle.

9. U.S. imported sensor system, dual sensors, surface tracking, automatic positioning, automatic solution to the uneven wall, wall tilt and other issues, effectively reduce the risk of damage to the printing head of the inkjet printer on wall. 

Product Application

Application Field

Wall Printing Machine is suitable for a variety of special materials: painted inside and outside wall, wall putty, paint the walls, white porcelain, ceramic tile, walls, glass, paper, canvas, wall, colored glaze, shell powder, wall paint color tablets. 

Detailed Image

Machine Details:
1. High Precision Sensor
Adopt American import high precision sensor, small and compact, high-precision positioning function.
2. Machine Head
Separate structure, can be take-off from the machine easily. can avoid the damage caused by collision in movement effectively.
3.Ink Box
Support multi-color ink, can add ink at any time, very convenient.
Special synthetic pigment, won't fade and fall off, wear-resistance, green and environmental, Adopt imported color mill base, won't get icing even at -30 degrees, no need heating.
5.Wireless Remote Control Handle
Support remote control by using the wireless handle. Greatly improves working efficiency.


6. Printing Head
Famous brand single 4-color (special-design) piezoelectric printing head, fast speed, high precision, clear and bright color, durable.

7. Guide Rail

Split joint, professional fasteners, fast assemble and disassemble, smooth movement, can ensure the clear picture quality when output, easy to carry.

8. Ink Suction Device

It can absorb different color at the same time, multi-colors together, vivid and average.

9. Main Board

Adopt chip with high technology, delicate, sophisticated and exquisite.

10. The Cover

Small and delicate design, high hardness, high heat dissipation, dust-proof.

Technical Data
 3D Vertical Unlimited Width Wall Decal Printing Machine PE-S70
Ink Supply System
Double channels, 4 colors and 8 ink cartridges. Red/ Yellow/ Blue/ Black (1000ml*4)
Ink Absorption Technology 
Improved ink absorb-er, good sealing performance, high efficiency of sprinkler cleaning, less ink waste, strong adsorption capacity 
Technology of coloured drawing
Adopt "VSDT variable ink-drop technology", high fault-tolerant feather technology, more uniform picture, more delicate ink point 
Memory Recall 
New interrupt patch function, automatic remember the break point, automatic recovery the starting position
HD Version
Printing head type
Single 4-colors (special-design) piezoelectric printing head
Mode of Operation
Wireless touching screen
Data Transfer 
Integrated head, telecommunication transmission system with optical fiber data transfer 
Mainboard configuration
8 core CPU, 4GB DDR memory, USB 2.0 / 3.0 data interface
Motor technology
Brush-less motor with no bar grating, non- grating strip cleaning,free of maintenance 
Painting speed 
High, medium, low, three-speed adjustable 
Painting resolution
360*720dpi or 720*720dpi or 720*1080dpi or 720*1440dpi 
Picture type 
Support JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, AI, PSD, CDR and other files (some formats need to be converted) 
Painted Resolution 
Indoor: 720 x 300 dpi, 720 x 600 dpi, 720 x 1200 dpi, 720 x 2400 dpi
Outdoor: VL720 x 300 dpi, VL720 x 600 dpi, VL720 x 1200 dpi, VL720 x 2400 dpi 
Actual painted size 
Height 2000mm, wide width can be extended 
Power Supply 
Power consumption 
No-load 20W, general 75W, Max to 250W 
Standby <20dBA, drawing <50dBA 
-10℃-60℃(14℉-140℉)10%-80% relative humidity, non condensable state 
-30℃-60℃(-22℉-140℉)10%-80% relative humidity, non condensable state 
System platform 
Windows XP/Win 7/Win 8/Win 9/Win 10 
Machine language 
Chinese, English 
Quick mode 
A    10 Plane / hour
Production model 
B     6 Plane / hour
Quality model 
C     4.5 Plane / hour
High precision model 
D      3 Plane / hour
Package type 
Wooden Case
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